6 ways to use your phone productively during lockdown

It’s fair to say we’re all pretty attached to our phones nowadays - lockdown wouldn’t be the same without technology. But as useful as  they are, sometimes it can feel like our phones are our biggest frenemies. Nothing else could lead us down an unproductive rabbit hole of memes and viral dances quicker than a mobile!


So how can we make sure we’re using our screen time for good? Here’s some productive ways use your phone during lockdown!


1. Stop the mindless scrolling:

The OxyArmour team love spending time on our phones! But the combination of bright blue light, mindless content and sensationalised headlines doesn’t do any favours for your sanity, especially if you’re spending more time on your phone than usual.


Instead of mindlessly scrolling, make an effort to use your phone for inspiring and useful content - podcasts, audiobooks and blogs are a great way to learn new skills and keep your mind active.


2. Mindful apps:

Speaking of using your phone for useful content - if the stress of lockdown is causing you to feel a little unsettled, try downloading a mindfulness app. There’s plenty of free apps on the market full of breathing techniques, guided meditations and gratitude exercises. If you’ve never tried mindfulness, this is the perfect way for beginner to start!


3. Learn a new language:

You might not be able to travel, but learning the lingo of your dream destination is the next best thing.

Language apps on your phone are an awesome way to practice foreign words in a fun and interactive way. Once travel is back on the table, you’ll be on your way - literally!


4. Food delivery:

Can’t go out for your usual dinner date nights? Not to worry, set the table and have your restaurant experiences at home. Use your phone to order takeaway - you’ll also be supporting local businesses, so it’s a win-win for all.


5. Keep connected with video calls:

Forget the obligatory ‘liking’ of your friend’s cousin’s dog’s latest post, and use your phone to connect with people in a meaningful way. Make an effort to video call your isolated friends and family whenever you can. It’s not the same as seeing them it person, but it’s definitely more convenient and a great use of your phone time. Lockdown is the perfect time to get your non-tech savvy friends into the swing of the new technology norm.


6. Take up mobile photography:

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a creative, lockdown is a great time pick up a new artistic skill like photography. Phones nowadays are almost as good as professional camera equipment! Experiment with what you have around the house or garden - with a lot bit of effort, you can produce some really creative shots.


So there you have it, 6 ways to use your phone for good during lockdown. Keep yourself busy, productive and sane!

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