Bushfire Smoke and it's lasting negative effects.

Firefighters carry out property protection on the NSW South Coast. Picture: Gary Ramage

If you are already susceptible to sinus, throat and breathing problems, you would have already felt the pain these last few weeks. As a direct result of the New South Wales bushfire inferno that has plagued us for weeks without end many pollutants and harmful particles are being thrown into the air. Smoke particles with ash, chemicals and condensed pollution being trapped from cars and factories, Sydney's air is the worst it has ever been.

Pollution levels are monitored by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Air Quality Index. It measures several categories of particles. The one of most concern to public health is PM2.5.

Data and mapping from the department show PM2.5 levels have been above the 200 considered “hazardous” for weeks. In many cases the levels have been recorded above 600 in southern and western Sydney — where millions of people live.

This morning the AQI for the Central Coast had skyrocketed past 1000.

The department says this season’s bushfire emergency has caused “some of the highest air pollution ever seen in NSW”.


Hundred's of Australians are affected, doctors saying the countries health systems were not prepared for the health impacts that are coming with climate change. Rising temperatures and poor air quality means many people will suffer.

This smoke is the worst it ever has been, and many Australians have been spotted wearing surgical masks! NOW, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: surgical masks do not prevent particles smaller than that of 1.5PM from being inhaled. Smoke particle density and size means you require a filter often found in construction-grade rebreathers and masks. We at OxyArmour have sourced a product with PM2.5 filter, the Original OxyArmour, and when wearing our masks correctly you will be protected from the bushfire smoke! 



A man seen wearing a dust mask as smoke haze from bushfires in New South Wales blankets the CBD. Picture: AAP Image/Joel Carrett.

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