How to stop your glasses fogging when wearing a face mask

As Australians progressively accept the new 'COVID normal', face masks are now becoming a part of our style. In places like Melbourne, people have to wear masks where social distancing cannot be maintained. Mostly people are doing the right thing by wearing a mask, helping to slow the spread and gain an extra layer of protection. 


For those of us who wear glasses, foggy lenses are something that comes as a bit of a nuisance with wearing masks. The warm air that escapes the top of our OxyArmour face masks can condense on the cooler lens of our glasses and cause fogging, which in turn can blur your vision.  

Don't fret though - OxyArmour has found some ways to prevent glasses fog. Here are our tried and tested best ways to prevent foggy glasses! 


Apply Soap

Soap is a simple and non-expensive way to prevent fogging up of your glasses when wearing a mask. This method has been used by surgeons on the operating tables to prevent their glasses fogging up. Soap forms a thin film over the lens that won't allow warm air to condense on your glasses, thus solving your foggy glasses problem. 


Rub a bar of soap across your lenses, and gently wash it off to leave a thin layer remaining on your glasses. Make sure to let your glasses air dry, or very gently dry the lenses with a cloth, to keep that layer of soap on the actual lenses and prevent condensation build-up. 


Cat Crap

This is almost identical a solution to the above, but if you are willing to spend the extra $$ you can use a well-loved solution used by cyclist, and motorbike riders to prevent fog build up. 

Fog Free Glasses when wearing OxyArmour Face Mask

Tighten the fit of the mask

Often extra-warm breath is puffed out the top of the mask even with masks that have a metal wire that forms around the nose. If you can adjust the straps, so the face mask sits flush against your face, give that a shot.


Put a tissue inside the top of the mask

Forbes suggests you insert a folded tissue between your face and the top of your mask, on the bridge of your nose. The tissue will absorb the moisture from your breath instead of fogging your glasses lenses.


Use your glasses to seal the top of your mask or put glasses on top of your face mask

If you're able to pull your mask up high on your nose, you can use your glasses to seal it and shape it to your face. This will help secure the fit, which will prevent the warm air from escaping through the top of the mask. You can also just pull your glasses slightly forward, so they sit on top of the mask instead of underneath. This gives enough space for the warm air to rise without condensing on the lenses.


Use tape to seal the top of the mask

Putting regular sticky tape on the top of your mask and sticking it down to your skin will create a sort of seal that stops the air from escaping directly under your glasses. 


Wear your contacts!

If you have a pair of prescription contact lenses, now is the time where they are the most useful. Put on those contacts and you won't have any fogging to worry about, because the lenses are no longer there to have warm air condense on.


Also Remember...

A key thing to keep in mind is that you should always wash or sanitise your hands before touching your mask. Make sure to keep your mask clean to see more tips on Face Mask Maintenance see our previous blog here.


Works for all glasses sizes - Fog Free glasses

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